the co-creators

Marie Boisvert

Co-creator, Healing Arts Guide, Lolë Ambassador, Barefoot Goddess. #befree

Marie is not your typical yoga teacher. She has made it her mission to share that we are all unique with the world so we can stop competing and start thriving. Since 2008, Marie has been learning in temples & yoga shalas, studying the ancient traditions of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Reiki. A few years ago, Marie realized that technology & media can be used as a tool for unity if we learn how to set the proper boundaries and intentions; she thinks it's the secret sauce for us in the conscious community to help grow our offerings and spread the healing. She'll teach you the tools for self & business mastery through the ancient & modern perspectives of Yoga & Ayurveda.

Olivia Taddio

Co-creator, Media & Analytics Queen, Badass Babe. #nobosses

Olivia is an expert in media and analytics. She's a self-motivated and ever-evolving human in the pursuit of a life well-lived. She decided to turn her years of experience and skillset into a tool to help others pursue their own dreams and ambition. Olivia is a strong believer in quality of life and time spent; she’s an advocate for self-determination and perseverance, for gratitude, and for community building. She believes that everyone and anyone can achieve their life’s ambition, and wants to help you realize that goal. In short, she’s your #1 cheerleader. Trust her keen insight in digital market trends, and wisdom into where business owners can make their online businesses either thrive or die.

Michelle Vaccaro

Co-creator, SEO Goddess, All around Digital Marketing Ninja, Sharp AF. #ninja

Michelle has a very strong educational and professional background. She is a John Molson School of Business alumni with a bachelor's degree in Commerce (a marketing major) and has 4 years of professional experience in digital marketing under her belt working with a multitude of clients from a variety of industries. She specializes in SEO and PPC marketing and guarantees to get your company's message to the right people at the right time. Her natural sense of leadership has driven her to share her knowledge with others in the pursuit of pushing your boundaries and achieving your personal and professional goals. She has a true entrepreneurial spirit and her dynamic energy is quite contagious. See for yourself!

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meditated, transformed, and written with unconditional love.